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A wedding cake which I hv made using Whipped Cream.
I've chosen a 4 tier cake with marbled effect  on whipped cream with minor gold foliage work .
One tier here I wanted to make in hexagon shape with a combination of round tiers..

For adorning the cake I hv made few Edible Wafer Paper Florals with fresh roses.

This was made in a height of  more than 2 feet approx.

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Bumped into your thread. 
Very beautiful cake, an artistic display!

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I am amazed how you did this in whipped cream! can you share how? its fantastic I love it!

kleiza rojas fitzgerald

This wedding cake looks so beautiful. Simple as with dumb ways to die but very attractive.
Wow, your wedding cake sounds absolutely amazing! I can imagine the beauty of the marbled effect on the whipped cream and the delicate gold foliage work. The combination of a hexagon tier with round tiers must have added a unique touch to the design. And using edible wafer paper florals with fresh roses to adorn the cake sounds like a stunning choice.

The fact that the cake stands at a height of more than 2 feet is truly impressive. It must have been a grand centerpiece at the wedding. Your attention to detail and creativity in crafting such a cake is commendable. I'm sure it was a memorable and delicious addition to the special day. Great job on your incredible creation!
Wedding cakes are special because you want this day to be remembered forever. Is not it?
The way that the cake remains at a level of multiple feet is genuinely great. It probably been a great focal point at the wedding. Your scrupulousness and imagination in creating such a cake is estimable. I'm certain it was a vital and delectable expansion to the exceptional day. Extraordinary work on your mind boggling creation! Evon Executor
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