Details Behind Cody Rhodes And Paul Heyman's Emotional WWE Raw Promo

The Cody Rhodes and Paul Heyman promo was universally praised by fans, and it was backstage in WWE, as well.

The Rhodes and Heyman promo was said to be a beneficiary of WWE's much looser scripting since Vince McMahon stepped down from the head of creative. We're told that some of it caught Paul Heyman by surprise -- at least according to those close to him. Those close to Rhodes also stated they weren't sure if it had ever been communicated to Heyman how important the ECW bookings were to the Rhodes family in general. Those familiar with the inner workings of said promo claimed that Paul Heyman wrote his part of the promo, while Cody Rhodes wrote his, and it ended up coming together perfectly.

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Beyond that, we're told that the the talent involved were very happy with the promo. As would be expected, higher ups and officials were also thrilled with both the content, and the fan reception to what is their premium match at WrestleMania.

One higher up in WWE said "Cody Rhodes is a star, and Paul Heyman is a starmaker. They were in a difficult position, and made something that seemed like a manufactured booking decision become a personal, WrestleMania main event if it ends up going that direction."

We're told that there was an "immediate backstage reaction" to the promo, which went over incredibly well.

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